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Hardware is essential for running software applications and performing various computing tasks. It works in conjunction with software (including the operating system) to enable the full functionality of computers and electronic devices. Advances in hardware technology have led to improvements in computing power, storage capacity, graphics capabilities, and overall performance, driving innovation and technological advancements in the IT industry.

Perkom provides your company with a complete and sustainable service solution, according to size and budget, that includes everything needed to bring your network into a new technological era, from servers, storage, routing, switching, tape, hyperconverged. Our professional team will start with the analysis, design and implementation of a new network or support for your existing hardware investment with international standards, functionality, maintenance facilities. This is why we collaborate with leading companies from the International market, such as Cisco, Fortinet, AWS.


Server is a computer or a software system that provides services, resources, and functionality to other computers or devices, known as clients, over a network.


Components of any IT infrastructure, enabling organizations and individuals to store, manage, and retrieve data for various purposes, such as data archiving, backup, data analysis, and application hosting.

End User Device

To create a productive environment, employees need the ability to access data and applications anywhere. Perkom can help you manage and control end-user devices.


Tape refers to the use of magnetic tape storage technology in IT environments for data archiving, backup, and long-term data retention.


Proper routing is essential for ensuring data delivery, optimizing network performance, and achieving fault tolerance and high availability in modern computer networks.


The process of forwarding data packets between different devices or segments within a local area network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN).


By combining compute, storage, networking, and virtualization resources into a single platform, HCI simplifies data center operations, reduces costs, and improves overall performance and scalability.


Wireless refers to the transmission of data, communication signals, or information without the need for physical wired connections.

IP Telephone

A communication device that allows voice calls to be transmitted over an IP network, such as the internet or an internal local area network (LAN).

Wide Area Network (WAN)

WANs are designed to enable communication and data exchange between geographically dispersed locations, such as different offices, campuses, or cities.

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