The Data Center Is Where The Most Critical Processes Are Run

Data centers provide the infrastructure and support needed to store, process, and distribute data and services, enabling organizations to run critical applications and meet their computing needs efficiently and reliably. As technology advances, data centers are constantly evolving, adopting new technologies and practices to increase efficiency, reduce environmental impact and improve overall performance.

Perkom understands how valuable data and information are within a company, as your data center is the business and IT engine for your operations. Each company has unique needs that require detailed assessment and have their own set of engineering challenges. We offer data center solutions that deliver powerful computing capabilities with simple management.

Access Control Doors

Access control systems provide a higher level of security compared to traditional lock-and-key systems, as access can be quickly modified or revoked when needed, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and enhancing overall security measures.

Surveillance Cameras

These cameras are an essential component of video surveillance systems, providing real-time monitoring and recording capabilities to enhance security and safety in various settings.

Raised Floor

Raised floors are commonly used in various settings, including office buildings, data centers, server rooms, trading floors, call centers, computer laboratories, and command centers.

Fire Alarm System

Fire alarm systems are an integral part of the fire protection and life safety measures in buildings, and they are typically required by building codes and regulations.

Rack System

The system facilitates installation, maintenance, and expansion of equipment while optimizing space utilization.


UPS systems are commonly used to protect computers, servers, networking equipment, data centers, and other sensitive electronics from power disruptions that could lead to data loss, hardware damage, or downtime.

Network Cabling

Well-designed and implemented network cabling is essential for building robust and efficient network infrastructures, supporting the smooth operation of businesses and organizations' IT systems and services.

Fiber Optic Installation

Properly installed and maintained fiber optic networks offer high-speed data transmission, immunity to electromagnetic interference, and enhanced performance for various applications, including data centers, telecommunications, video transmission, and long-distance communications.

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