3 reasons DaaS makes sense as a cost-effective solution for enterprises

28 Jul 2023

3 reasons DaaS makes sense as a cost-effective solution for enterprises

The development of Digital Technology makes today's business environment more challenging. Not a few companies are starting to switch to cloud services by using DaaS as the software of choice. The use of DaaS as a technology that is a solution for the purposes of data integration, management, storage, and analysis.

The Rising Trend of DaaS in The Business Market

According to an IDC study, businesses using DaaS will benefit from cost savings and reduced IT workload. Key highlights include:

  1. DaaS helped companies reduce their PC costs by up to 17 percent, with small businesses enjoying a greater impact.
  2. DaaS helped reduce IT workload by up to 16 percent, with small businesses again showing the highest reduction.
  3. By 2025, DaaS will account for one in three commercial desktops and nearly one in five laptops shipped to end users.

Why are organizations looking at DaaS?

  1. A Better Employee Experience

By using DaaS, employees will certainly get the latest modern devices or PCs with guaranteed quality with technological developments. This provides the best experience for both employees as the devices already have better security than before. DaaS follows a security-first approach and prevents unauthorized access to cloud storage through advanced access controls and security policies.

    2. A Modern Workplace

DaaS can support a hybrid workforce as it simplifies deployment through asset recovery and optimizes device management which has a positive impact on employee productivity. It is suitable for future-ready enterprise cloud automation.

  3. Business continuity

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is a cost-effective, fully managed solution that allows you to avoid upfront costs for local infrastructure and lets you choose a flexible consumption/subscription model based on the number of users added or removed. The use of Daas saves the company costs with a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of up to 20% and no capital investment. In addition, it can allocate resources to work on more innovative projects.

Perkom DaaS offers a customized solution for every IT challenges

It is time for your company to use DaaS if you are looking for the best software choice because you want to switch to cloud services. The technology in DaaS is very useful for companies to integrate and process large amounts of data.

If you are interested in starting to apply for DaaS, let's join Perkom because we provide free consultation and the best products that suit your needs.

Author: Ghea Devita

Marketing Communication PT Perkom Indah Murni

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