• IBM Business Partner Award 1995 PSG Highest Growth Business Partner 2000
    IBM High Performance Company 2001
    IBM Cyclone Mose Productive 2001
    IBM Business Partner Award 2002
    IBM Best In Lead Generation 2002
    IBM Business Partner 2003 Award
    IBM Business Partner 4 th Q 2005 Award
    IBM Business Partner 2nd & 3rd Q 2005 Award
    IBM Business Partner 3Q 100% Achievers 2008
    IBM Business Partner Award 2008
    IBM Business Partner 2008 Achieves  
    IBM Top Performing Partner 2011
    Storage Specialty Partner 2012
    Top 20 Contributors IBM System & Business Partner 2013
    IBM Mid Market Contributor 2013
    IBM Privilege One
    Outstanding IBM Storage Partner FY 2022
  • Data Center Partner 2017
    Data Center Group Authorized Business Partner 2018
    Data Center Group Partner 2019
    Data Center Group Best Loyalty Services Partner FY1819  
    Best SMB Mid Market Corporate Partner of The Year FY1920
    Best SMB Large Enterprise Partner FY1718
    Best SMB Large Enterprise Partner of The Year Q3 FY1617
    Best SMB Partner FY1920
    Best DCG Storage Partner FY15/16
    EBG Top Value Addid Partner FY14/15
  • Master Partner  
    FY19 Indonesia Partner of The Year
    Top Board Partner FY-2022

  • Huawei Best Optical Partner of 2022

  • Microsoft Best SMB Business Growth Q3 2012
    MIcrosoft Best SMB Business Growth Q4 2012
    Microsoft Partner Network 2013

  • Cisco Channel Partner 2015
  • HP Certificate Partnership 2014
  • Best Growth Performance 2011
  • Pro Partner of The Year 2013

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